Looking for Alaska


Författare: John Green

Antal sidor: 262

Förlag: Harper Collins

Orginal titel: -

Språk: Engelska

Utgivningsår: 2005

Serie: -

Handling: *Från goodreads*

Miles has a quirky interest in famous people's last words, especially François Rabelais's final statement, "I go to seek a Great Perhaps." Determined not to wait for death to begin a similar quest, Miles convinces his parents to let him leave home. Once settled at Culver Creek Preparatory School, he befriends a couple of equally gifted outcasts: his roommate Chip―commonly known as the Colonel—who has a predilection for memorizing long, alphabetical lists for fun; and the beautiful and unpredictable Alaska, whom Miles comes to adore. 

The kids grow closer as they make their way through a school year filled with contraband, tests, pranks, breakups, and revelations about family and life. But as the story hurtles toward its shattering climax, chapter headings like "forty-six days before" and "the last day" portend a tragic event―one that will change Miles forever and lead him to new conclusions about the value of his cherished "Great Perhaps."


Jag tyckte denhär boken var rätt seg i början. Det var svår engelska ibland vilket gjorde att jag inte riktigt hängde med i vissa delar. Men ju längre jag kom in i boken desto bättre blev den. Det är egentligen inte min typ av bok men jag tyckte endå den var helt okej!

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